Oil & Gas

About Us

Elux is a Hong Kong based company active in oil and gas trading in Asia, Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East. We are an international team of experienced, high-level professionals around the world with solid relationship and partnerships. We have strategic alliances with solid petroleum refineries and major oil trading houses to beneficially bring sellers and buyers together. The traded oil commodities are Mazut, Gasoil, Jet Fuel, LNG, LPG, and Crude Oil. We work closely with Russian, Middle East and African refineries. We do strict due diligence and investigation to filter unqualified buyers and refineries. The best in time price and quality and delivery is assured and preferential allocation is guaranteed.

We also provide shipping, transportation and logistical solutions to cater each clients needs depending on the destination port. We are committed to provide timely and customized services for each client and support each contract signing process and procedure negotiation to successfully complete the deal. We work in transparent and trustworthy manner from initiation to completion.

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Jet Fuel
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Crude Oil
Iron Ore

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