ELUXTRADE strategic resource solutions have been developed since 2007 in accordance with industry needs. With its strong partner suppliers in Europe and Asia, it sources and distributes all components of the photovoltaic food chain from raw material of polysilicons, wafers, cells and end product of modules.

Photovoltaic Modules

According to the needs, we work with high-technology module manufacturers from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, China and Korea. All the modules have international certificates and warranties and performed under renowned automated production facility using high quality control and inspections, mechanical and cosmetic performance, and fulfill the most demanding quality and safety requirements. It is tested for highest efficiency and long-life to withstand adverse working conditions and virtually any climate.

All different kinds of poly and mono-crystalline modules in 48-60 array cell panels from 180W-300W in both blue and dark grey modules types are available.

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Photovoltaic Cells

We work with special long-term partners of A-grade poly crystalline and monocrystalline cell manufacturers in Korea, Taiwan and China. The best in time price and quality and delivery is assured and preferential allocation is guaranteed. The automated production facility strictly uses the highest technology machinery with lowest defects, breakage, and deformity rates that produce highest efficiency cells. Distinguished engineers and quality control with prompt response to daily quotations, shipping and delivery issues and defects.

Most of the module manufacturers are longstanding purchasers of few yrs with high customer satisfaction.

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Photovoltaic Wafers

We work closely with selected wafer companies that produce A-grade wafers with reputation and quality. Utilizing premium wafers is crucial in producing premium cells and modules.

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Securing superior polysilicons in long-term contracts is fundamental in producing prime wafers, cells and modules. We assist procuring long-term contracts with polysilicon manufacturers with our strong relationships.

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Invertors and installation equipment

We work with state-of-art inverters from USA, Switzerland, Italy and Asia. Depending on the size of the installation and project, we consult and assist in finding the adequate inverters with the best terms and conditions.

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