Elux constitutes of several international companies with close strategically relationships operating in the renewable solar energy sector. The objective of this joint activity is not only for the production and sale of high performance products 
such as photovoltaic modules, solar cells, flat and tubular collectors, tracking systems, 
inverters and other products for solar energy, but also providing all kinds of solutions and 
punctual follow up and after sales services.

Moreover, with diverse banking experience, Elux specializes in fund-raising and give expertise recommendations and proposals for investing in solar industries.

Strategic Sourcing and Trading Services

Elux provides full package service of photovoltaic products procurement and trading according to budget and project requirements. We have well-established relationships with top quality solar modules, cells, wafers, and polysilicon manufacturers mainly in Asia and Europe and can evaluate your needs to procure the best resources at given time frames. At best payment and shipment terms and conditions and price. Our long-term customers always get special treatment with fast allocation and high-efficiency products.

We primarily work in long-term basis but spot- orders and projects are also possible. We try to build solid bonds with both the customers and suppliers for long-standing periods.

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Consulting Services

Elux consultants provide specialized technical know-how in photovoltaic sector. Whether you are an investor, installer, or project manager, purchaser, manufacturer, or Government officials, we can contribute regional expertise for Asia and Europe and Middle East to consult the appropriate resources for your projects. We will help estimate the budget, product requirements, land, financing, licensing, procurement, trading, and contacts for your projects.

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Financial Services

Investing in Solar Energy Funds and Companies

Elux helps analyze solar company’s financial statements and business plans to assess their potential for growth and competitive advantage in the market. Assist investors to select and provide solar companies, projects, and power plants to invest in. Elux also works closely with numerous energy funds, PEF, and investment banking boutique houses to achieve this.

If you are interested to invest in solar energy sector and renewable energy funds or solar parks, we provide a portfolio of funds with good track record and performance worldwide to invest in.

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Fund-raising and Financial Modeling Services

Elux facilitates solar companies seeking third-party investment by re-evaluating the company and providing financial modeling. We work with numerous funds and family offices who invest in green energy and sustainable energy companies. With investment boutique houses and private equity funds we will calculate the amount of fund to be raised, where to source the funds, and the financial modeling of the fund. We will follow-up on the company performance and all aspects of the financial issues.

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Module Installation Services

Elux provides module installation services with highly experienced engineers and architects in Europe and Asia. According to where your power plant project is or retail customers are based, we do the assessment of the amount of power, module type, module price and delivery, efficiency, inverters, turnkeys, support structures, and other installation products.

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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Elux consultants and engineers works with well-founded EPC companies to assist installations to the end customers. With close relationship with the end customers and EPC companies, we lead the feasibility studies, and planning, tailoring the systems to customers needs (private, farming industry, heavy industry, and government-run organizations power plants etc...) to deliver high quality sturdy installations to match your requirements.

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